Stay updated on the latest portable buildings and storage ideas with our FAQ’s.

1. Building Permits

How Do I Apply for a Permit?

Always check to see what zoning codes apply to your area. Rural areas are usually more lax, but especially for people who live in cities, towns, or subdivisions; there may be restrictions on size, color, and sometimes even style that a council or business official must approve before ordering. In many places, any building bigger than a small garden shed will require a permit, so it’s necessary to check with the local government or your subdivision board.

We understand that pulling permits and checking into zoning are things you would normally only have to do if you are a contractor or builder. To simplify it, we’ve helped pull some information for you.

When Do I Need to Have the Permit?

If a permit is required, having it in hand before ordering a building will be necessary. If the process for getting your permit is delayed, simply have verification from the governing power that proves your intent. This must be in place before a deposit is made and the sales agreement is signed.

According to our policy, deposits cannot be refunded once a building is under contract. This can create a sticky situation if a city or town doesn’t grant a permit or permission for your building. This is one reason why checking on this with your local municipality before placing an order is easier.

Where Do I Go For a Permit?

The first step is to find your city or town’s website to find zoning codes and how to pull a permit in that particular county or town; if you have limited or no internet access, call the local municipality, town hall, or county seat.

Internet Search Example: If you type “Zoning, Buffalo, MO” in your search engine, one of the first websites to come up is Most towns have pages like these set up for your convenience. If you need help finding the information, call your town hall or local municipality, and they will help you get started on any necessary permits or permissions.

This is usually a simple process, though there are sometimes fees attached to pulling permits for which the customer is responsible to pay.

Pro Tip: When applying for a permit, be prepared to bring the building specifications (style, size, color, and placement) for review if needed.

2. Warranty

Does Your Buildings Come with a Warranty?

Because we value your business, we will take responsibility for any manufacturing-related deficiencies. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

All buildings manufactured by Bennett Springs Building Center come with a Top-to-Bottom Limited Warranty. Warranties are non-transferable and apply only to the original purchaser and location. Relocating products by any party automatically invalidates these warranties.

These warranties do not apply to any Bennett Springs Building Center, product or part that has been damaged by adverse weather conditions, earthquake, hail, wind, fire, water, flood, earth movement, accidents, theft, vandalism, an act of God, or any instance customarily covered by homeowners insurance.

Bennett Springs Building Center guarantees that products will remain structurally sound when used appropriately and maintained properly. Normal wear and tear, fading of exterior surfaces, and general aging, which is characteristic of any outdoor product that is exposed to natural elements, are not covered under the warranties.

As with any building on top of the ground, settling may occur. Buildings need periodic cleaning, painting, and caulking, and vegetation should not be planted around the edges of the structure, which could lead to restricted ventilation.

Additional Information:

3. Our Promise to You...

Why settle when you can be delighted?

From selection to delivery or on-site construction, it’s about you, our customers, and ensuring you have the easiest and best buying experience.

These are our promises to you.

  • Making the right purchase matters. We’ll never sell you a storage building that we wouldn’t buy ourselves or recommend to our grown children. We want to be as mindful of your purchase as we would our own.
  • Your needs and opinions are valuable. While we pride ourselves on creating great products, it’s even more important that our customers feel valued and appreciated.
  • No matter your storage problem, our team will help you determine the best solution so that you get exactly what you need.
  • When you shop, you should enjoy the experience, not dread it. We always look for ways to improve our processes to delight our customers.
  • Your time, plans, and expectations should be respected. We listen to our shoppers, offer honest advice, communicate throughout the buying process, and deliver on time every time — with a smile.

4. Purchasing Information

Does Your Online Configurator Tool Provide the Total Cost for a Storage Building?

Yes.  If you have saved the building designed in our configurator, the price displayed is the total cost.  Sales taxes are an estimate.  Contact our sales team at 417-532-8338 or to find out if you qualify for free delivery or accurate sales tax information.

1. How Can I Place My Order?

Custom Buildings

To design a custom shed or garage, use our online configuration tool. Design your building from top to bottom, save as many variations as you’d like, and get a quote for each. When you’re ready to purchase your fully customized shed, check out securely online or call our sales team at 417-532-8338.

2. How Do I Make My Deposit?

A deposit is required for every building, and the balance is due on delivery. The total cost, required deposit, and remaining balance varies based on the building’s specs.

You can pay a deposit by phone at 417-532-8338, by mail (BSBC PO Box 276 Wheatland, Mo. 65779), or online using our configurator. Preferred payment methods include cash, checks, money orders, and major credit cards.

3. Will You Lay the Foundation for My Shed?

We do offer this for most of our buildings. However, at a minimum, we recommend laying a level foundation of compacted gravel yourself or having someone do it for you. For more information or a price for us to install a foundation, please call us at 417-532-8338.

4. How Much Gravel Does My Foundation Need?

The most important thing about a foundation site for a shed or garage is that it’s perfectly level. If the base is unlevel, the building frame can twist, opening doors and windows can be difficult. We recommend compacting several inches of (road gravel) or granite fines. 

For more information: (Have the following highlighted information in a drop-down expansion box)

After securing a building permit, lay a solid foundation by framing the perimeter, filling it with a base material, leveling it, and then compacting it until it is firm.

Consider how much you’re willing to spend on the base. Many choose Class 5 gravel or concrete as their preferred base material. While a gravel foundation is usually sufficient, some feel that a concrete foundation — although more expensive — is better suited if small tractors, boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, or vehicles are stored in the shed.

Finally, after securing the proper building permit and determining the best base material, place your order and lay your foundation.

Follow these steps to create a level foundation.

  • Choose the area where you want your storage building placed, measure the space, and remove vegetation. Ensure the foundation’s perimeter is slightly larger than the building itself, and the depth extends past the frost line. Check out these placement tips.
  • Construct a temporary frame around the foundation’s perimeter. We suggest using 2’x4’ lumber to build a three-sided frame. Fasten the frame to wooden or steel stakes from the outside to ensure easy removal of the frame after the base is complete.
  • Fill the frame with at least 3 to 4 inches of base material.
  • Slide a straight board back and forth over the top of the temporary frame to level the base material.
  • While this step is not essential, using a plate compactor to finish your new foundation will help minimize the building’s settling over time.
  • Remove the temporary frame after the shed is placed.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for your site to be perfectly level. An unlevel foundation will cause the building’s frame to twist, making opening doors and windows difficult.

If you plan to hire someone to build your foundation, you may want to print these instructions and share it with them to ensure the site is properly prepared and leveled.

5. How Long Will It Take To Get My Building?

Anywhere from 2-10 weeks, depending on the time of year. The production-to-delivery time is typically 4-6 weeks in spring, summer, and fall, while in winter, it might take approximately 2 weeks or less. It’s beneficial to place your order a month or two before you need it. For a more precise lead time estimate, contact us at 417-532-8338.

6. How Far Will You Deliver & How Much Does It Cost?

We are proud to serve central and southern Missouri.

Delivery of custom buildings within the first 100 miles of our Dunnegan, Mo. shop is free. After that, these are the delivery cost increments:

  • 100 – 150 miles $8.50 per mile per single wide section.

Delivery of stock buildings within the first 50 miles of any of our lots is free. After that, delivery is $8.50 per mile per single wide section.

Contact our sales team at 417-532-8338 or if you have any questions.

7. What Is the Delivery Time for a Made-to-Order Building versus a Pre-built Stock Building?

Lead time on a made-to-order building can be as little as 2-4 weeks during or off-season (November-March) and as much as 4-7 weeks in our peak season (April-October). Delivery time on stock buildings is 3-7 business days (Mon-Friday).

8. How Does My Building Get Delivered?

Once it’s built and ready to go, our delivery team will call you to set up a delivery time that works with both your schedule and the delivery team.

Once we arrive at your home, we walk with you around the property so that we can see exactly where you want your new storage building to be placed. Then we unload the building from the trailer and use the Mule to transport the building through your yard.

We can visit your property before order placement to advise on site prep and layout if necessary.

Please see our downloadable Delivery Agreement

9. Will I Be Notified Before My Building Is Delivered?

Absolutely. Once it’s built and ready to go, our delivery team will call you to set up a delivery time that works with both your schedule and the delivery team. You will typically receive a call from us approximately 1-4 days after the building is completed.

10. How to contact us or email our Customer service department.

Feel free to contact us at 417-532-8338 or email us at

11. Is There a Restocking/Cancellation Fee?

If changes to rescheduling and cancellation occur within 5 business days of the order, a reschedule/change or restocking fee may apply. At this point, your building materials have already been ordered, and the prefabrication process has started. Late notices of rescheduling/cancellation or changes prevent us from scheduling another project instead of yours.

Privacy Policy

Bennett Springs Building Center does not sell or use customer data for any purpose except those involving the purchase of a building. 

All transactions are secured during the “secure checkout process in Idearoom” or regular checkout at our stores. All credit card transactions are secured through Authorize .net. 

We accept the following cards:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover