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Thinking of a previously owned building? View our selection of available buildings below. Please contact us if you have any questions or to confirm availability. We will fresh this page as buildings are available or sell. Thank you!

12x24 Metal Lofted Barn

Side Color: White
Roof: Desert
PRICE: $8,500.00

12x24 Lofted Metal Cabin

Side Color: Tan
Roof: Hunter Green
PRICE: $12,850

10x16 Metal Utility

Side Tan
Roof: Brown
PRICE: $3,850

10x16 Metal Utilty

Side: White
Roof: Gallery Blue
PRICE: $3,900

10x16 Garden Shed

Side: Light Stone
Roof: Rustic Red
PRICE: $3,900

12x24 Painted Cabin

Side: Ocean Blue
Roof: Charcoal
PRICE: $8,300

16x54 Metal Cabin

Side: Ash Grey
Roof: Ash Grey
PRICE: $23,300

16x40 Metal Garage

Side: Gray
Roof: Forest
PRICE: $15,500
Serial #: MG1640125061917F

16x40 Painted Cabin

Side: Black
Roof: Ash Gray
PRICE: $15,000