Types of Cabin Houses

Mar 1, 2023 | Building Types

Cabins can be constructed for a wide range of purposes, whether for utilitarian needs or residential purposes. However, constructing a cabin is not easy. There are various styles of cabins, and you should consider a style that best matches your style, preferences, and purpose.

While most cabins are similar in style, there are still some subtle differences, and an expert cabin maker can help you with the nuances. Here are some types of cabins you can opt for if you want a cabin for residential or storage purposes.

Classic Residential Cabins

Regular residential cabins are classic in design. They have a deck at the front of the construction by the front door and a slanted roof. These cabins are perfect if you need an escape to relax or maybe a second home for a vacation.

You can also use it as a study or an office if your yard has enough space. These types of cabins are designed in a vintage style, with modern sensibilities, and you can have them custom-made based on the area of the plot you are building it on.

Log Cabins

Log cabins are great for a vacation, and the perfect place for a cozy, winter getaway. These cabins are perfect if you want a calm and quiet study with a library or your own weekend getaway by the beach.

Log cabins are made of, you guessed it, logs of wood, and they sometimes look like they’ve come straight out of a fairy tale. They are quintessentially charming to look at but are slightly more expensive to build because the logs have to be sourced from the best timber resources. The cabins are mostly built on timber frames and are very sturdy.

Lofted Cabins

Lofted cabins are very much like other cabins but they offer more space because of the loft they possess. You can use the loft as an extra nook for a bed or storage. Lofted cabins are very dreamy because, depending on where you are building your cabin, you can get a charming view of the surroundings from the window of the loft.

Lofted cabins have more height than regular ones, and you have to build them accordingly, as you would typically need stairs to access the loft.

Wood-sided Cabins

Wood-sided cabins are like classic residential cabins except that wooden panels are used to construct them. These cabins have a rustic and charming personality, so they are a perfect choice if you want something earthy and sustainable with modern amenities.

Wood-sided cabins are also cooler because they provide better insulation against heat, and can be visually customized based on the color of the wood stain you choose.

At Bennett Spring Building Center, we help our clients build the cabin of their dreams. We also specialize in building barns, utility buildings, garages, storage sheds, and portable buildings. With more and more people downsizing their dwelling places and opting for sustainable living, cabins are becoming increasingly popular.

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